Create beats for your next EDM production or just have fun with your friends.
Drumpad 12 Pads


Preset Previews
Hardcore is coming! Real Hardcore for real aesthetes. Enjoy!
Close To Me
Check out the original mix by Plamady - Close To Me! Be closer!
Lean Off
Cover track on popular melody "Lean On" by Major Lazer
Fantastic cover "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Best halloween melody on 12 Pads!

About team
12 Pads is an app for music lovers designed by music lovers. It is a tool to create music, compose and record EDM tracks with just the touch of your fingers. 12 Pads is for both: for rookies who want to make music and don't know where to start and for professionals, who want to try a new thing. Most popular styles, top tracks covers and atmospheric composite music. We created our app not only for generation z, but for mélomanes. By this time we already have one main app and four satellites. We work with different music styles from dubstep to funk exploring new sound and we don't want to stop on our way.